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PEMF = Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field

"This is a therapy that can change your life. I've witnessed both long-standing health problems such as painful arthritis and diabetic neuropathy, as well as acute conditions such as muscle strains and sinusitis get better with one treatment." Tom Ballard, ND


PEMF is a revolutionary approach to the treatment of multiple health problems, from acute body injury to chronic pain, memory, depression, heart disease, sinus, skin and nerve problems.

Sound too good to be true? That's what Dr. Oz thought until he investigated and broadcast a three-part series on this amazing treatment.

I'm not a doctor that jumps on every new technology. However, I was so impressed with PEMF at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine in Bangkok in September 2012, that I bought one and am encouraging all my patients to try it. As Dr. Oz said in his show on PEMF, "It sounds like science fiction, but it's real."



"I've tried everything." and still not better? Give PEMF a try...

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What is PEMF?

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field generator. Simply put, it uses electricity to generate a magnetic field that is pulsed into a patient for healing.  It has been found that this pulsed electromagnetic field achieves a number of desirable effects:

  • Increases circulation
  • Increases cell mitochondria (the power generators in cells)
  • Increases ATP (the main energy component of the body)
  • Increase the detoxification of cells (moving toxins out, nutrients in)
  • Increases stem-cell growth for rejuvenating tissues.

The net effect of these is that it has widespread application, since most disease states improve with more circulation, energy, detoxification, and newly-generated cells. It is basically exercise for individual cells and tissues.

Think skin, joints, organs, and connective tissue being helped, depending on how the therapy is applied. Thus you see problems such as the following may improve:

  • Bones, joint, muscles: arthritis, sprains, bursitis, osteoporosis, post-surgical wound healing, and jaw/tooth disease.
  • Skin and connective tissue: Diabetic ulcers, radiation and thermal burns, surgical incisions, muscle firming, reduction of wrinkles (recently FDA cleared for this)
  • Organs: Heart, lungs, liver, kidney, prostate, uterus, etc - improving function.
  • Brain: Memory, concentration, depression, Parkinson's, ADHD, and mental focus have all been seen to improve.

One way to think of PEMF is as an exercise machine, with the pulsing magnetic field "exercising" cells and tissues. Exercise also increases circulation, ATP, mitochondria, detoxification, and tissue repair.

Watch this amazing 2 minute video to see what PEMF foes for circulation.




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What's a treatment like?

PEMF treatments are short, 6 to 30 minutes, depending on the area(s) being treated and the severity of the condition. Wear comfortable clothing, you'll only be asked to take off your shoes and not have a cell phone, credit cards or any electronic or magnetic items on your person.

How many treatments are needed?

The number of treatments depends on the extent of injury, duration of injury, your overall health and co-treatments. 

I've seen shoulder injuries of long duration (2 years) recover 75% with one treatment. Generally it will take 3 to 12 treatments for most injuries to bone/muscle/joints. Sinus conditions sometimes clear with one treatment. A patient in Portland who was on the heart-transplant list recovered after a month of daily treatments. Healthy nutrition and detoxification therapies increase the effectiveness of PEMF.


In order to bring this important treatment to as many people as possible, I'm making every effort to keep the cost affordable. As a special introduction, until Feb, 2013 the price for this amazing treatment is $30

If you pre-pay for 5 sessions ($150) I give you one free treatment).

If you pre-pay for 10 sessions ($300), I give you three free treatments).

Depending on your condition, insurance company, and deductible, insurance may pay for all or a portion of your treatments. This is only available for established naturopathic patients of Dr. Ballard.

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PEMF and Pure Wellness Centers

For over 30 years I've championed effective, scientifically-studied therapies that foster health and wellness. PEMF fits well with the other therapies offered at Pure Wellness Centers. PEMF increases the effectiveness of nutrition and detoxification.

If you're interested in trying this therapy, Pure Wellness Center patients, friends and family are welcome to a free initial treatment. Call for an appointment today.

Please feel free to speak with me if you have any questions,

Tom Ballard, RN, ND


Call today for your free trial of PEMF therapy!

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See below for Peer-Reviewed Scientific Studies and Testimonials 

Patient Testimonials

Shoulder Pain

"I injured my shoulder when I fell off a ladder 10 years ago, and it has been really stiff and sore since. After using the PEMF-100 the first time, my shoulder loosened up more than it had since my injury, more than the numerous treatments of all kinds I had received over the years. As an added surprise my arm untwisted that night, and my elbow, which had been popping for years, stopped." - G. Berrett


"I had a bone density test done shortly after I purchased my PEMF 100. The results showed that I was at HIGH risk for bone fractures. My spine is osteoporosis and my hips are osteopenia which is the stage before osteoporosis. Five months later I had another bone density test. The results were amazing.....in 5 months.....no pharmaceutical drugs and doing nothing different than applying PEMF Therapy every other day.....I increased my bone density mass 20% in my spine and 4% in my hips! I LOVE my PEMF 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -Michelle, Indiana.

Tinnitus, Ringing in Ear, Hand Tremor

"I can't believe the results that I have had with the PEMF-100!! My tinnitus has gone from a 10 to a 4 in one session. I have lived with ringing in my ears since I was 12 and at 54 I just thought that it was something I was going to have to live with for life. Every time I use the PEMF-100 it gets better so I do expect it to just go away. I got an extra bonus too. Just by holding the coil to work on my ears my hands are now almost "shake" free. I was shaking pretty bad when I started using the PEMF-100 and now they are pretty steady!!"- Thanks, Robert


"My name is Lee Ramage. I am a former professional motocross racer. There aren't too many sports that beat up and damage an athlete as badly as motocross racing. I am no exception. Five years ago I came up short on a double jump. I landed so hard that the foot pegs broke off my motorcycle. The impact forced my femur to crush the lower half of my knee called the tibia plateau, fracturing it in multiple places. 

The doctor that performed the surgery considered amputating my leg just below the knee. Thankfully he was able to save my leg with a superb reconstruction. Since the surgery I have been in pain on a daily basis, some days worse than others. I don't complain because I can walk without the assistance of a prosthesis. The injury did keep me from running or jumping so much of my life since has been limited. 

I was introduced to thePEMF-100 on December 6, 2008. As the science of the device was explained to me, and how I could become pain free from the therapy, I couldn't help but be skeptical. After all, an orthopedic surgeon couldn't make me pain free, how could this machine. I had nothing to lose so I tried it.After the first 12-minute session, I was in fact pain free! For the first time in 5 years I could run, sprint and jump without limitation. After approximately 2 hours I began to feel pain again; however it was still at least 50% better. The next day I received another 12-minute session. I became pain free immediately and this time it has been permanent. As I write this testimony it is 4 days later and still no pain. I have visited two therapists in the last couple days that know me and of my injury. Both saw me do one-legged squats on my injured leg and were amazed. Obviously, both want the PEMF-100

machine now. I highly recommend anyone with any type of ailment to seek out this machine."- Lee Ramage, former Professional Motocross Racer

MS/Nerve Damage

"I was diagnosed with MS in April of 2008 and a year after being diagnosed my feet started going numb.  I was told by my Neurologist I had nerve damage and basically there was nothing they could do.  After being in a car accident in February of 2010 I started coming to Dr. A. to help with my injuries.  It was then they started the Pulsed Magnetic Exercise on my back and within a week I could feel the top of my feet again. I am so excited with the outcome."-Mrs. Patch.

Lumbar Radiculopithy

"I was a registered trauma nurse for 10 years. Twelve years ago I was diagnosed with Lumbar Radiculopithy and I haven't worked since. I've been to too many doctors to count with no relief. I've been taking 75mg of OxyContin which barley gives me any relief. I'm depressed and tired of feeling the way I do. After just one fifteen minute treatment I was amazed to find relief for eight wonderful hours. I can't help to cry but you don't understand what it's like to have given up on hope, to have given up on the very doctor's you trust and have worked with for so many years and then to find something like this. It's like a gift from the angels!" - Lisa M., Melissa TX

Foot Numbness

I was diagnosed with MS in April of 2008 and a year after being diagnosed my feet started going numb. I was told by my Neurologist I had nerve damage and basically there was nothing they could do. After being in a car accident in February of 2010 I started coming to Dr. Unruh's office to help my injuries. They started Pulsed Magnetic Therapy treatments on my back and within a week I can feel the top of my feet again. I am so excited with the outcome - M. Patch, South Dakota.

Calf Pain

"I've had pain on my left calf for 15 months. I've seen three doctors with no relief. After six minutes my calf pain was gone. Wow this really works!" - Doug N., St. Petersburg, FL

Shoulder Pain/Range of Motion

I was introduced to the PEMF-100 after suffering a dislocated shoulder during a snowboarding accident.  Skeptical as I

am, I was not sure what to expect.  After only my first treatment, I noticed incredible results with my pain level as well as my range of motion.  I was so impressed with this... I introduced it to my wife who used it on her jaw with great results.  Since then, we have not only used it on ourselves, our friends and family members have tried it on some of our horses with amazing results.  During the 2007 PBR season, my good friend Justin McBride suffered a devastating injury to his should and was told his season was over.  I brought the machine to him to try and within a month, he was back riding his way to another PBR Championship." - Sid Steiner, 2002 National Finals Rodeo PRCA World Champion Steer Wrestler

Hip Replacement

"Seven years ago I was treated for cancer on me left hip. The aggressive treatment saved my life but destroyed my hip. I've now had three hip replacements in the last five years and live with constant pain and very limited range of motion. After 20 minutes I feel like I have both my legs supporting me and no pain. See here, I can stand on just my left leg. Something I haven't been able to do in more than seven years!" - Rodney V., Tyler, TX

Chronic Back Pain

"For the past 15 years not a day passed without me obsessing over my back pain. I can't tell you how many days I've missed work to stay home in bed. I've been laid up the past three days just this week. After my 20 minute treatment I felt so good that I went and played a round of golf!" - John J., Austin, TX 

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A Sample of Scientific Studies

Alzheimer's Disease

On review, after applying external electromagnetic fields ranging 5 to 8 Hz, large improvements were detected in Alzheimer's patients. These included improved visual memory, drawing performance, spatial orientation, mood, short-term memory and social interactions.

R. Sandyk, "Alzheimer's Disease: Improvement of Visual Memory and Visuoconstructive

Performance Treatment with Picotesla Range Magnetic Fields," International Journal of

Neurosci, 76(3-4), June 1994, p. 185-225.


A double-blind, placebo-controlled research study on the effects of pulsed electrical

fields administered over a 4 week period revealed significant improvement in patients receiving the therapy relative to the controls.

J.C. Reynolds, "The Use of Implantable Direct Current Stimulation in Bone

Grafted Foot and Ankle Arthrodeses: A Retrospective Review," Second World

Congress for Electricity and Magnetism in Biology and Medicine,

8-13 June 1997, Bologna, Italy.


Results of this double-blind, placebo-controlled study indicated that both lowfrequency

electromagnetic field treatment and treatment with pulsed electromagnetic fields proved

effective in patients suffering from chronic bronchitis when coupled with standard drug

therapies. Magnetic field treatment consisted of a total of 15 15-20-minute daily exposures.

V.M. Iurlov, et al., "The Efficacy of the Use of Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields in

Chronic Bronchitis," Voen Med Zh, 3, 1989, . 35-36.

Heart Disease

Results of this study found that the addition of magnetotherapy to the treatment of patients

suffering from ischemic heart disease and osteochondrosis led to clinical improvements.

I. Rodin, et al., "Use of Low-Intensity Eddy Magnetic Field in the Treatment of Patients with

Skin Lymphomas," Voen Med Zh, 317(12), 1996, . 32-34.

Dental Problems

This study found that patients suffering from various oral diseases experienced more rapid

healing when treated with both conventional therapies and 30 minutes per day of pulsed

electromagnetic fields (5 mT, 30 Hz), as opposed to conventional therapies alone.

V. Hillier-Kolarov & N. Pekaric-Nadj, "PEMF Therapy as an Additional Therapy for Oral

diseases,"European Bioelectromagnetics Association, 1st Congress, 23-25 January 1992,

Brussels, Belgium.


This review article examined the literature concerning the use of transcranial magnetic

stimulation in the treatment of depression. Results showed the highfrequency, repetitive

transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment to be an effective, side-effect free therapy for

depression that may hold promise for treating related psychiatric disorders as well.

M.T. Kirkcaldie, et al., Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation as Therapy for Depression and Other Disorders," Aust N Z J Psychiatry, 31(2), April 1997, . 264-272.


This study examined the effects of conventional treatments combined with millimeter wave

(MW) therapy (54- to 70-GHz frequency, 8-15 daily exposures of 15-30 minutes each) on

patients suffering from atopic dermatitis. Results indicated that the MW therapy was welltolerated all patients, with the rash generally regressing after 7-8 exposures. Marked recovery was seen among 78 percent of patients receiving the combination treatments. Two-year followup showed a 23-percent relapse rate among combination patients, compared to 54 percent among controls.

V.P. Adaskevich, "Effectiveness of the Use of Millimeter-Range Electromagnetic Radiation in Complex Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis Patients," Millimetrovie Volni v Biologii I Meditcine,(3), 1994, . 78-81 


In this study, 320 diabetics received impulsed magnetic field treatment while 100 diabetics

(controls) received conservative therapy alone. Results showed beneficial effects with respect

to vascular complications in 74 percent of the patients receiving magnetotherapy combined

with conservative methods, compared to a 28-percent effectiveness rate among controls.

I.B. Kirillovm, et al., "Magentotherapy in the Comprehensive Treatment of Vascular

Complications of Diabetes Mellitus," Klin Med, 74(5), 1996, . 39-41.

Ankle Sprain

Results of this double-blind, placebo-controlled study indicated that treatment with two 30-

minute sessions of noninvasive pulsed radio frequency therapy is effective in significantly

decreasing the time required for edema reduction in patients suffering from lateral ankle


A.A. Pilla & L. Kloth, "Effect of Pulsed Radio Frequency Therapy on Edema in Ankle Sprains: A Multisite Double-Blind Clinical Study," Second World Congress for Electricity and Magnetism in Biology and Medicine, 8-13 June 1997, Bologna, Italy, p. 300.


Results of this study showed that the use of magnetic fields was effective in treating patients suffering from viral hepatitis who had previously not benefited from conventional drug therapies.

I.A. Il'inskii, et al., "Experience with the Use of Glucocorticosteroids and Magnetic Fields in the Intensive Therapy of Severe Forms of Viral Hepatitis," Soviet Medicine, 9, 1978, p. 72-74.27 

Herniated Disk

This double-blind, placebo-controlled study examined the effects of magnetotherapy in patients following herniated disk surgery. Results showed that 52 percent of patients receiving the treatment compared to 30 percent of controls reported being free of symptoms at the time of hospital release.

K. Perjes, et al., "Effect of Magnetotherapy on Recovery After Herniated Disk Surgery,"

Hungarian Symposium on Magnetotherapy, 2nd Symposium, May 16-17, 1987,

Szekesfehervar, Hungary, p. 159-162.

Hip Problems

Joint Disease

Results of this 11-year study involving 3014 patients found pulsed magnetic field treatment atlow frequencies and intensities to be a highly effective, side-effect free therapy for joint


E. Riva Sanseverino, et al., "Therapeutic Effects of Pulsed Magnetic Fields on

Joint Diseases," Panminerva Med, 34(4), October-December 1992, p.187-196. 

Kidney Problems

This review article notes that placebo-controlled studies have shown positive results

concerning the use of pulsed magnetic field therapy in the treatment of secondary chronic


V.A. Kiyatkin, "Pulsed Magnetic Field in Therapy of Patients with Secondary Chronic

Pyelonephritis," Second World Congress for Electricity and Magnetism in Biology and

Medicine, 8-13 June 1997, Bologna, Italy. 

Lung Disease

This study examined the effects of low-frequency magnetic fields coupled with conventional

therapies in rats suffering from inflammatory lung disease. Results showed that rats receiving the magnetic fields experienced significant reductions in lung abscesses and associated symptoms, and similar beneficial effects were seen among a group of 165 human patients receiving comparable treatment.

L.V. Iashchenko, "Low-Frequency Magnetic Fields in the Combined Therapy of Inflammatory Lung Diseases," Probl Tuberk, 3, 1988, p. 53-56.

Multiple Sclerosis

This article reports on the cases of three patients suffering from long-time symptoms of

multiple sclerosis who received treatment with extra cerebral pulsed electromagnetic fields

over a period of between 6 and 18 months. Results showed all three patients experienced

significant improvements in cognitive functions.

R. Sandyk, "Progressive Cognitive Improvement in Multiple Sclerosis from Treatment with

Electromagnetic Fields," International Journal of Neurosci, 89(1- 2), January 1997, p. 39-51

Parkinson's Disease

This article reports on the case of a medicated 61-year-old Parkinson's patient who

experienced rapid reversal of symptoms following a single external application of picoteslarange magnetic fields.

R. Sandyk R.P. Iacono, Reversal of Visual Neglect in Parkinson's Disease Treatment with

picoTesla Range Magnetic Fields,International Journal of Neurosci, 73(1-2), November 1993, p. 93-107.


Results of this study showed that magnetic laser therapy decreased the severity of acute

respiratory insufficiency and treatment course, and prevented destructive complications in

children with infiltrative acute destructive pneumonia between the ages of 1 and 12 years.

E.A. Gaidashev, An Evaluation of the Effect of Magnetic-laser Therapy on External Respiratory Function in Complicated Forms of Acute Pneumonia in Children, Vopr Kurortol Fizioter Lech Fiz Kult, (3), May-June 1995, p. 2-14.           

Post-Herpetic Neuralgia

This study found both pulsed magnetic field treatment (20-30 minutes per day) and whole body alternating current magnetic field treatment (30 minutes per day) to be effective therapies for post-herpetic neuralgia in older patients. Pulsed magnetic field treatment consisted of 0.6-T (6-kG) samarium/cobalt magnets surrounded spiral coils generating a maximum 0.1-T pulse.Pads were pasted on the sensory areas innervated the dorsal root of the spinal cord where there was scar-association pain or paresthesia. Stimuli were delivered at 280 V and 8 Hz.Alternating current magnetic field treatment involved a treatment bed consisting of 19 electrodes containing paired coils and with a maximum magnetic flux density around the electrodes of 0.08 T.

C. Kusaka, Pulse Magnetic Treatment and Whole-Body, Alternating Current Magnetic

Treatment for Post-Herpetic Neuralgia, Journal of Japanese Biomagnetism

Bioelectromagnetics Society, 8(2), 1995, p. 29-38.

Psychiatric Disorders

Noting the well-established dangers associated with electroconvulsive therapy, the author, in this theoretical article, argues that transcranial magnetic stimulation should be looked at as an alternative psychiatric treatment. The author asserts that TMS has several advantages over ECT in that it is painless, noninvasive, and more effective on deep structures of the brain.

T. Zyss, Deep Magnetic Brain Stimulation - The End of Psychiatric Electroshock Therapy?

Medical Hypotheses, 43(2), 1994, p. 69-74.

Respiratory Problems

Results of this study showed that the use of low-frequency magnetic fields helped to prevent and treat critically ill patients suffering from pyoinflammatory bronchopulmonary complications, and to prevent such complications as well.

G.A. Mozhaev IIu Tikhonovskii, The Prevention and Treatment of Suppurativeinflammatory

Complications in the Bronchopulmonary System During Prolonged Artificial Ventilation,

Anesteziol Reanimatol, (4), July-August 1002, p. 47-51.

PEMF History

First a word on the history of electricity in medicine: 

As soon as electricity was first harnessed in the late 1800s experimentation started on its medical use. Much of this lead to dead ends (President Franklin Roosevelt is said to have tried a number of electrical devises for his polio without success). On the other hand, many have been successful. Think of ultrasound which is used both for diagnosing and treating disease, TENS for blocking pain, and microcurrent for stimulating nerves and raising serotonin levels. 

PEMF was first utilized in the 1950 to stimulate healing of broken bones. Gradually its use expanded to the healing of wounds and other injuries and it has gained considerable following with competitive horse owners who use it to heal horse injuries. In the 1970's it was cleared for use in urinary incontinence and muscle stimulation. It's also used by sports teams for quickly repairing injuries. The technology was slowed because it was very expensive, large, and unreliable. In the last 10 years these problems have been overcome. The units are now smaller, more affordable (although still relatively expensive) and reliable. In 2011 it was FDA cleared for depression.

It is used widely in Germany. 

This therapy has virtually no side effects and, only after excessive use, the detoxification process can yield some temporary flu-like symptoms.

This is a therapy that can change your life.

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Renton (425)255-8100 Ext. 6