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Welcome to Pure Wellness Centers

If you’re ready to find and treat the cause of your health problems, we're here for you!

My name is Tom Ballard, RN, ND. I’ve been involved in natural medicine for almost 40 years and a practicing ND since 1982.
You can read more about my education, publications, and philosophy by clicking Practitioners
My staff and I want to be your family medical team.
As naturopathic physicians we are licensed as primary-care doctors. We treat all diseases with one important distinction - finding and treating the CAUSE of disease.
My job is your health!

How do we diagnose?
  • By LISTENING to you
  • Thorough Medical and nutrtional history
  • Physical exam
  • Laboratory testing
What therapies do we use?
  • Scientific natural medicine
  • Environmental detoxification 
  • Nutritional rejuvenation
Ready to change your health for the better?
  • Seattle: (206)324-2225
  • Renton: (425)255-8100 Ext 6
I am trained in a variety of natural modalities. Click on the Services button to learn more about the treatments and testing we use in my clinics.  The Locations button gives further information about my two clinics. 

Communication is vital for effective healthcare delivery. If you have questions before making an appointment, Email is the place to go. I’d be happy to respond to general questions about naturopathy and my services.

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What do you want from your doctor?

Patients who come to Pure Wellness Centers say things like:

“I’m tired of not being listened to. Thank you for hearing me.”

“I want to find out the cause of my ill health and have that treated, not just be given a pill.”

“My other doctors kept prescribing more drugs for my symptoms. When I asked about the cause of my symptoms, they didn’t know what to say. You worked with me to find the cause and treat it and it worked!”

“How can any doctor figure out what’s going on in ten or fifteen minutes? You’re the first doctor who ever took this much time with me.”

We want to work with you. Call today for an appointment that will change your tomorrow.
If you've already made an appointment, click on New Patient Intake to download the necessary forms.

Thanks for your interest in scientific natural medicine.
Best of health,
Tom Ballard, RN, ND